We at Chef Tobz take pride in our high-quality products ranging from premium cakes, pastries, bread and coffee.

Premium cakes are our specialty. We bake high-quality cakes for everyone to enjoy and share. Our cakes are continuously innovated for our beloved customers and we have the most delicious cakes in town. We have the most unique cake flavors available for you to enjoy. Take a look at them here. You can also order your favorite Chef Tobz cakes and pastries directly to your doorsteps.

We also create customized cakes for every occasion. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, wedding or christening, we make your cake dreams happen. Message us and let us make the cake of your dreams. Here are some of our masterpieces. Think of a design and we will make it happen for you.

We also create hand-crafted and aromatic coffee for all coffee lovers to enjoy. We only use the best coffee beans and gracefully served by our charming baristas. Do not forget to pair it with a slice of our premium cake or bread. Cappucino, Americano or Espresso? We got the coffee blend that you want!

Pastry is also our specialty! Drop by and take a bite of our premium breads and pastries. They are surely the best in town and our customers will definitely agree. Enjoy them with your friends, loved ones and family anytime.

Chef Tobz’ products are created for everyone to enjoy. Visit us at our store and chill.