About Us

We are Chef Tobz Cakes and Pastries, the number one provider of premium cakes, pastries and breads within the City of Dumaguete and in the adjacent municipalities provinces as well.

With the great and enduring experience in the baking industry, Chef Tobz has been continuously on top of its performance in terms product marketability, distribution strategy and human resource manageability.

Most important of all, Chef Tobz has successfully handled with confidence all the business adversaries and managed with utmost sincerity and honesty its business counterparts too. These make Chef Tobz undoubtedly the number one in the market.

Our Pillars


LChef Tobz will consistently make and serve premium cakes, pastries and breads that hard to resist and made from the finest craftsmanship of the executive pastry chef to its customers. It is the Chef Tobz business promise and commitment to all.


All cakes, pastries and breads are made and baked by a competent team of pastry chefs to ensure the adherence of the product quality and uniqueness.


With Chef Tobz impressive and convincing marketing outputs, the business is rigorously growing and expanding to penetrate new clients and potential prospects. 


Chef Tobz products are made with imported ingredients that leading to make big difference against its competitors and coming out in the market with uncontestable mastery.


Set-up by three good friends in 2016 here in the City of Dumaguete but as the year ended only two best friends among them had survived namely Mr. Tirso D. Tubog and Japheth Dave P. Maxino, Chef Tobz Cakes and Pastries has toppled all the ups and downs that the business has come across with. It takes a long way to both business partners to normalise the unfavourable situation in putting the business into a stable condition and being recognised in the market as well. With the meaningful baking experiences of Mr. Tirso D. Tubog who is now the Executive Pastry Chef of Chef Tobz, the business is now highly appreciated due to product premium quality and uniqueness in mixtures and textures. And of course, with a big help also from Mr. Japheth Dave P. Maxino the Chief Operating Officer of the company and passionate enough to carry on the Chef Tobz to its fullest development and growth. Years gone by, Chef Tobz is consistently adapting product innovations to technologically upgrade its information drive through social media to both local and international clients. Furthermore, it will also update systematically to customers to accept their orders and to accommodate suggestions and recommendations for the business improvements and betterments.

Enjoy cakes, pastries, bread and coffee. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.