Product in Feature: Halo-Halo Cake by Chef Tobz

halo halo cake by chef tobz

The Halo-Halo Cake by Chef Tobz Cakes and Pastries is a genius idea integrating the dessert, halo-halo into a delicious cake.

As Filipinos, we take pride in our delicious dessert, halo-halo. The term itself comes from the Filipino word, “halo” which means “mix” in English. This is made by mixing a variety of ingredients from several kinds of sweet fruits such as mangoes and bananas, colorful gulaman, boiled white beans, fine crushed ice, creamy milk, and topped with rich ice cream and another Filipino dessert, leche flan. Mix of all those and you get to enjoy cold halo-halo in our hot weather here in the Philippines.

Halo-halo is already mouth-watering in itself but how about making it a cake? Yes, you read it right, a cake! In our never-ending quest for innovation, we created the first halo-halo cake in the country. Imagine our all-time favorite dessert turned into a cake. Genius, right? The ingredients of the halo-halo are also found inside the cake and that makes it exciting and enjoyable to eat. You get to experience picking bits of sweet fruits and colorful gulaman in a creamy and rich cake.

Does that make you drool? What are you waiting for? Visit us and get yourself and your loved ones a halo-halo cake now!

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