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With our extensive experience in the baking industry, Chef Tobz has been your dependable home of premium cakes, pastries, bread and coffee. Our stable and competitive position in the market has taught us to be familiar with your sweet cravings and predict what your taste buds want. We make all our products both satisfying and comforting for all of our customers to enjoy.




Premium Cakes


Every cake made by Chef Tobz is made using the finest ingredients and baked with love. We don’t settle for less and we only provide the best premium cakes for everyone to love and enjoy.




Customized Cakes


We at Chef Tobz create customized cakes for every occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding or a birthday, name it and we customize it. Tell us your idea and we’ll be happy to turn it into reality. We make your cake dreams come true!




We serve aromatic coffee everyday


Our coffee is created from the finest beans and made with love by our highly-skilled barista.
Whether you need a work boost or you just want to chill with friends, swing by our store and have a sip!



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We have pastries just for you


Pastry is our specialty! Our pastries are specially made to be enjoyed and shared for everyone. Whether you are craving for something sweet or looking for a great gift idea, our pastry is a must-try!




Know Our Story


Everyone has a story to tell and Chef Tobz is no exception. Get to know more about us through our story and how we started.



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